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We all know that you can put together the greatest looking exhibition stand the world has ever seen, have the best products and services to sell, have the best sales staff and hire from us all the screens and tech to promote it; but, if you can;t draw attendees into your stand for this experience, all is wasted and lost.

The problem with exhibitions is that there is only so much people can take in. Once you’ve wandered around for a couple of hours and been handed a bunch of promotional leaflets it is very easy to switch off and become a bit numb to it all.

One of the best ways to overcome Exhibition Fatigue is to offer attractions to look at, take part in and have fun with. This then breaks up the monotony and livens stands and potential customer up.

When you wander around trade stands – it is always the ones that have some fun attractions that are consistently more well attended.

This is why we have teamed up with a company that we have been dealing with on and off for the last ten Years or so.

Jukebox45s offer a fantastic range of Stand Attractions. The themselves have been going for 20 years. If they have what we and our clients want – we do not recommend anyone else.

The hire Pinball Machines, Pool Tables, Jukeboxes, Skeeballs, Ping Pong tables and much much more. They are continually adding new items – both modern and retro.

Full Range of Games to Hire

With their equipment you can setup competitions for customers to take part in. This will have them continually popping back to your exhibition stand to see how their score stands amongst the other contestants and taking part again and again. 



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