How to prevent Win10 Side Pop Outs Such as Action Centre Appearing

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We were on a job in the week where the customer wanted to have their website showing in Kiosk Mode. We were using Chrome which does show in full screen when required.

However, the client correctly pointed out that in Win10 by placing the cursor near the left or right hand side of the screen a sliding pop out appears. On the right this is the Action centre.



We tried several solutions shown on the web – but only one worked for us.

This is it:

!) In the registry Editor navigate to here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\EdgeUI

2) Locate : AllowEdgeSwipe DWORD

3) Either (delete) = Enable

Or set to 0 = Disable.

For this to work this must be changed for the User that is using the computer. It is easy to think that you have edited the registry for all users – but you can change it for one user group or person and not another.

We found this answer to our problem here:

There are some other answers there. Some of these we tried but they did not work for us. But I think this is a bit of a quirky Win10 issue and there are plenty of people on the web losing the will to live trying to resolve it – but fail. I suspect that the answer I have shown here may not work in all instances but that others shown at the useful webpage above will.

We had a good look into this and didn’t find any other answers.


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