Difference between a Touchscreen Kiosk, Monitor and All In One PC

Web: Tel: 01604 473101 Email When speaking with potential customers and hirers of our range of touchscreens, we often get into a conversation […]

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Flexible Screen Pillar Hire Quote

We are Touchpromedia. But we also have another company that specialises in Flexible Screens. These are becoming ever more used in the far eat for […]

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Different Types of Touchscreen Technologies : Shadowsense Explained

All touchscreens are not the same. They achieve the same thing; you place your finger or stylus on the screen and your finger or stylus […]

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Monitor Touchscreen Aspect Ratio Explained

In simple terms the Aspect Ratio of a screen, whether it is a Television, Monitor or Touchscreen or Kiosk Screen is how the width of […]

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Different Types of Touchscreen Resolution Explained

When we discuss touchscreen, video walls and monitor rentals with customers, often the conversation turns to the resolution of the screens. The resolution of a […]

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