Multi-Touch Screen & Monitor Hire

A question that we often get asked is if our touchscreen displays, touch screen kiosks, touch-screen tables and interactive video walls are multi-touch, and to how many touch points. Yes, all of our touchscreens are multi-touch, between 10 and 32 points but a large portion of those who ask for multi-touch don’t actually need it or have any use for it though.

What is Multi-Touch?

Multi touch means that a touchscreen device can register multiple input points simultaneously, so if a touchscreen TV has 32 points of touch, this means it can handle 32 different inputs at the same time.

Do I Need Multi Touch?

This largely depends on the application of your touchscreen. If you are showing a video, presentation or your website, the short answer is no, multitouch will be of no benefit to you. But if you are showing an interactive game, or articles that people might want to zoom in and out of then it can be very useful.

How Many Points of Touch Do I Need?

This really depends on the size and positioning or the touch screen device and how many people are going to use it at the same time. If only one person will be using the screen at once then you probably won’t ever need more than 4 point touch. Interestingly, screens designed for use by a single person (21 inch touch screens, 32inch touch-screens, 42″ touch-screens) will generally have 10 point touch, presumably because the majority of people have 10 digits but if you’ve every tried to do something different with every one of your fingers and thumbs at the same time you will know that it’s almost impossible to do. It is quite easy to use your forefinger and thumb on each hand to manipulate something on the touchscreen though, hence 4 point touch.

For larger touch-screens, for example 55 inch touch screens, 65inch touchscreens, 85″ touch-screens and bigger, you might have a scenario where small groups of people are all using the screen at the same time, which is where 32 point touch screens come into their own.

A good example of a large format touch screen needing multi-pint-touch is our 65 inch flat touch screen tables

These can be used freestanding in the middle of a room with delegates standing on all 4 sides each using a portion of the screen of interactive with eah other on the display. These touch screen tables are also available in 70 inch, 85 inch, 90 inch and 100 inch and offer an excellent branding opportunity.