65 Inch Flat Table Style Touchscreen Multi-Touch Kiosk Hire

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We hire flat table style touchscreens. These are held in the horizontal plane. We can cater for any size flat table touchscreen including, 32″, 42″ 55″, 65″ 80″ and 100 inches.

The surround of the screen can be branded as shown here in this mock up for a Virgin Stand hire.

These are a great way of showing clients promotional material such as websites and pdfs and video content.

These also provide the function of 32 Point Touch. Yes 32 fingers and operate independent content on any one screen. We’ve yet to see a piece of software that utilizes this – but its there if you wanted it.

42" Touchscreen Table Hire

42″ Touchscreen Table Hire


it-touchscreen-monitor-hireInterested in hiring with us? Contact details below:

Web: Touchpromedia.co.uk

Tel: 01604 473101

Email info@touchpromedia.co.uk

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