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I have just put together a quotation for Microsoft for a hire consisting of 38 42″ touchscreen kiosks going into London for a 3 day event. It has taken some time to put together as we have had to call in on other IT touchscreen kiosk hire companies that we inter hire with to put this together.

We do not hold 38 42″ touchscreen kiosks and neither does anyone else.

With very big jobs like this, that require a lot of one particular sized touchscreen, we often have to glean kiosks in from other trusted suppliers in order to meet the customers requirements.

Other companies also call on us when they get enquiries in that over reach the stock of touchscreens, monitors, computers etc that they hold.

This can prove to be a bit of a challenge on occasion. But we always get the quote together in the end.

IT hire companies like ours have many other hire commitments – so it is not just a matter of them having the touchscreens in stock – they have to be available for that particular date / event. So often, you end up hiring in from other IT computer hire companies their remaining touchscreens or video wall panels or monitors etc – rather than all of their stock.

We welcome the big number orders. We have great relationships with other IT computer hire companies and can call on them when we need to.

So if you need 40 42 inch touchscreens or 30 32″ touchscreens or a massive video wall – just let us know.




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