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Customers ask us very often if we can provide outdoor touchscreen kiosks and monitors. The short answer is that yes we can. However, we discuss the hire in a bit more detail we often find that other options would suit the customer better.

The most industrial of touchscreens are the true outdoor and unattended kiosks that you may find in the high street. These are designed to be heat proof, weather proof, water proof, snow proof and vandal proof. These are expensive and often not required.

outdoor-touchscreen-in rain

outdoor-touchscreen-in rain

The next grade down is that the touchscreen kiosk is weatherproof in all conditions but not vandal proof. These kiosks will survive the hottest of summer days and the coldest of winter days. They are waterproof to IP65 standard. These are usually more stylish as they don’t need to be quite so tough and are the usual standard of outdoor touchscreen kiosk that suit customers best.

The next option is to consider not only the kiosk but the person using it. Are your customers going to be needing to use the touchscreen kiosk in all weathers? Or will they hurry past if its raining and miss your presentation to them. if you think this may occur and the space allows, we can supply stylish gazebos to keep the worst of the weather off your clients and the touchscreens.

Outdoor Touchscreen Hire

Outdoor Touchscreen Hire



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