Kiosk, Touchscreen Branding Service

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As well as hiring out for long term, short term, one day and a few days we also offer a full branding service for all of our kiosks.

The touchscreen kiosks look great unbranded, but it does offer a greater look and style when they are branded.

The overlays can draw customers to your stand and kiosk. It can be colourful and give a brief explanation as to what customers will encounter when they come to the touchscreen kiosk and use it.

We can also spray touchscreens and kiosks to any colour you wish. This could be your companies corporate colour for instance. We have sprayed kiosks to Virgins Red, Easy Jets Orange and may other companies recognizable brand colour.

The overlay can give customers directions as to what to do with your touchscreen and, promote your company identity and brand or just look funky.





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