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I had cause to spend three days at an exhibition at the Birmingham NEC recently. The client had hired a lot of screens and a big interactive video wall from us and we thought it prudent to stay with the equipment throughout the hire – just in case anything went wrong. The member of staff who was due to attend was needed on another install , so i volunteered to spend a few days with the client at the exhibition centre. As it happened it was unnecessary and I spent the time occupying myself by wandering about the hall and seeing what else was going on.

At this exhibition there was a big range of different sized stands, from the big to the small.

The quiet stands were inevitably those stands manned by staff who were seemingly far more interested in their phones that in drawing in customers (it drives me mad to see this). The busier stands were those where the staff were keen to engage and draw in passing potential customers.

However, what i noticed was that even the best of staff could only engage with so many people, and as they would be talking to customers, you could see other potential customers pass by.

This was not the case however, with stands that not only had great staff, but also had screens and branding etc. At these stands customers could see that the staff were busy with other customers and they would occupy themselves, whilst awaiting the staff member to become free, by looking at the screens, advertising and other points of interest within the perimeter of the stand.

I’m no psychologist, but I also felt that these attendees at the stand were somehow knowingly and overtly declaring their interest in the stands services and products and kind of saying I am approachable for your sales pitch when you are ready.

There was also a ‘Snowball’ effect. In that the hardest visitors to win, were obviously the first ones. Once the stand had some people milling in and around the stand other people seemed curious as to why and stepped into the stand too.

The stands that were best at getting these first people to step into an otherwise quiet stand were the stands that had some form of game or fun point of interest. (we also hire stand games and fun via our site of Jukebox45s)


When I went and spoke with the people running the stands they all seemed to agree that the hardest job was to get those first initial visitors to their stands and to get more that the staff could deal with at any one time.

When I discussed with them the expenditure that they had gone too in hiring screens etc, they all said they wished they didn’t have to go to such expense but that it was entirely necessary and that to have a blank stand was condemning the stand to being very quiet.

As I walked around the hall at the Birmingham NEC exhibition Center it was noticeable that even stands side by side had dramatically different footfalls. The busier ones were definitely the ones with screens and trade show points of interest. it was also noticeable that the people from the busy stands – didn’t naturally spill over into the quiet stands next door. They seemed to give these stands a wide birth and move to the next well kitted out stand.

When I spoke to exhibitors who were running stands that were less well kitted out, they were a little defensive about their decision to not have touchscreens etc. They all cited the expense and they nearly all said they didn’t think it was entirely necessary to have them. But I also sensed that they had a bit of stand envy when they looked at their competitors stands that were better dressed and always busier.

We provide Touchscreens and Big LED Screens. We also provide gaming pcs and monitors for the event.



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