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We hire all shapes and sizes of Touch Screens. We hire 15 inc through to over 100 inch touch screen monitors and kiosks for presentations, shows, exhibitions and displays.

These can be hired long term, short term, for one day and a just a few days.

We will help you all the way when hiring with us. From your initial enquiry to the install and for backup and advice throughout your function and event we are here to advise.

There is a difference between the operating system of Windows based computers, pcs and laptops and their Apple based counterparts.

Given the choice we always advise to uses a Windows Computer. The reason for this is that the Windows operating system has touchscreen drivers built into it for the operating of externally connected touchscreens. It is as simple and seamless process. You just connect the USB cable to your touchscreen from your Windows PC or Laptop and it works.

Unfortunately it is a different story with Apple based computers, including Macbooks, Macbook Air, MacbookPro and iMacs.

With these you will find that the external touchscreen will not operate via your Apple Device, simply by connecting it via a cable.

We can overcome this by providing software that enables the external multi-touch touch screen. however.

Also, it is worth noting that not all Apple based pcs have USB connectivity and an adapter may be required to get to the USB input of the touchscreen.

Everything can be overcome, but it is advised that customers and clients make known to us what make of model they intend to connect prior to delivery. We will make sure you have a successful hire.




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