Different Types of Touchscreen Resolution Explained

When we discuss touchscreen, video walls and monitor rentals with customers, often the conversation turns to the resolution of the screens. The resolution of a […]

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Outdoor Indoor Waterproof Vandalproof Touchscreen Kiosk Hire

Customers ask us very often if we can provide outdoor touchscreen kiosks and monitors. The short answer is that yes we can. However, we discuss […]

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Touchless Touchscreens Proposed by Dr.Peter Trefonas

The current range of Touchscreen technology all have one thing n common – that is that they are “touched”. Even with a capacitive or Infrared […]

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Outdoor Waterproof Touchscreen Monitor Hire

Americana company Tru-Vu Monitors has released a waterproof outdoor monitor. This can be fitted with a touchscreen overlay. This is an excellent step forward. No […]

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Different Types of Touchscreen Technologies : SAW Explained

All touchscreens are not the same. They achieve the same thing; you place your finger or stylus on the screen and your finger or stylus […]

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